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Original mission:

When we say “East Bay,” we mean the parts of California’s Bay Area east of San Francisco, mostly covered by Alameda and Contra Costa counties. When we say “beer,” we mean non-corporate beer with flavor. As I type this, the approved word for good beer is “craft,” just like in the ‘90s the favored term was “microbrew.” I look forward to seeing what we call it in 20 years….maybe “beer?”

We are East Bay-centric but not East Bay exclusive. We like San Francisco and this is not a competition. Just like “SF” Beer Week includes events all over the Bay Area, so will “East Bay” Beer address the whole Bay Area as time allows. However, our information grapevine leans east and we have a lot of friends who work at East Bay breweries and bars, so we’re inherently biased. We’ll do our best to spread the love around.

The beer world is large, and we will sometimes step outside the Bay Area to editorialize on larger issues or share what we discover on the road. It’s just beer, let’s be flexible :)

Edited to add, 2017: Well, beer in the East Bay is a lot better covered in the professional and amateur media than it was when we started this. This blog has become infrequent and that’s okay. (Is there anything more annoying than someone telling you how to do a hobby no one pays you for?) We’re not dead (yet), but we’ll see how this thing evolves.




Jen Muehlbauer: founder, writer
Jen started writing about beer in 2002 after befriending the publisher of a beer newspaper on a pub crawl in Boston. She regularly takes beer out of taps at ØL and occasionally puts in it in bottles at Ale Industries, and you may also know her from her two-ish years at Beer Revolution. She’s a BJCP-certified judge and makes a passable batch of homebrew.

Rick Hayes: webmaster, photographer
Rick wrangles genomes for the government by day and brews (and drinks) beer by night. He’s been making websites and putting up with Jen since 1994. He’s a certified BJCP judge, built his own kegerator, and has an epic beard. If you’re nice he’ll make you a carbonnade.

Eric Pietras: photographer, contributing writer
Eric isolates blood stem cells and then does science to them. He is an avid photographer and writes about beer for UCSF’s newspaper, Synapse.

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20 Responses to About East Bay Beer

  1. Connor Casey says:

    Hey Jen!

    Hope you’re doing well. We met back at the Rare Barrel a while back (December?). We are all finished with construction of our tasting room and brewery and would love to have you down sometime. Brewing Batches 1-4 this week and should be open for business by 2nd weekend of October.


  2. If you are interested in receiving the media release and kit for the Thursday, April 10th premiere of ‘CRAFT’ in Oakland at The New Parkway Theater shoot me an email.

  3. Hi Jen, Rick, and Eric,

    We are opening a new craft beer bar in Dublin in November – Three Sheets. We’d love to have you three out to share a pint.

    Stefanie and Wendy

  4. Neil McGovern says:

    Hi Jen

    Having a triple (of course I’m so predictable) in 0L.

    Hope your new gig is working out. Miss your company on Sundays, mind you though, the music has improved 😉

    Will follow your blog.

    Neil (that Scottish guy)

    • Jen Muehlbauer says:

      Not that predictable Neil, it could have been a saison 😉 Hope you and your wife and boys are having a great holiday season. (Not sure why it took me a month to see this.)

  5. Derrik says:

    Hey there, I was hoping some of you might be interested in coming into a new beer space in the Uptown District of Oakland. We are called Diving Dog Brewhouse, we have 30 taps (more if needed for events) a growing bottle selection, and a Brew on Premise program for customers to use to brew their own beer. We would love to show you around and get some feedback from your expert point of view. Let me know if you are interested!

  6. Mark Gorney says:

    Good job with this. Can you install an email subscription link or RSS feed to this?

    • Jen Muehlbauer says:

      sorry, this got tagged as spam for some reason and I’m just seeing it. You can subscribe with RSS. Search your reader for EastBayBeer.com. Pops right up in feedly, which is what I use.

  7. Nathan says:

    Is there not contact info here?

    • Jen Muehlbauer says:

      trying to minimize spam. username is eastbaybeer, and I use that Google email thing people seem to like.

  8. Erin Schally says:

    Hi Jen!

    We are having an unofficial open house on Saturday, May 23 at our brewery in Concord. We aren’t open yet but we are working hard to have our construction done in a month or so. Let me know if you can stop by!


    Erin Schally
    Epidemic Ales

  9. Robt says:

    I think you need to update your Bio, Ol is so so long ago.

  10. Hello Jen, Rick and Eric

    I am the East bay sales manager for a local craft brewery. We will be opening our taproom shortly and would love to invite you for a pint on opening night. Feel free to contact me through email.

    Thank you.

  11. Marc Benoit says:

    Thank you Jen for the great write up on our Brewery. We are proud to be part of the Richmond community!

  12. Josh says:


    We just started up a 14 passenger Beer Bike in Oakland. We’d love to tell you more about it and have you check it out. Please let me know if I can give you more information about what we are doing.

  13. Ilene says:

    Hi Jen! I’d love to talk to you for an article I’m writing about East Bay brew and bars. Can you contact me…My info is below. Thanks!!

  14. Joshua Rood says:

    Jen, thanks for all that you do to support the blooming east bay beer scene. Perhaps you would be interested in a very unique (and awesome) tasting event this Friday.

    I am the founder of a bay area beverage startup that’s making health-enhancing alcoholic beverages. They are radically fresh and tasty, and authentically made from fresh, organic fruits, herbs, ginger, spices and hops. We are out to revolutionize the beverage industry with this healthy alcohol. We have a tasting event this Friday and a live crowdfunding campaign. The tasting this Friday is currently the only way for people to get access to what we are making. Would you please alert your food and beverage people and consider coming yourself? This is cutting edge stuff, and those who have tasted it are blown away. Your support would be incredible.

    Event details are here, http://bit.ly/2tasteparty
    Our crowdfunding campaign is here, http://igg.me/at/drhops

    Thank you.

  15. Patty Pforte says:

    Hello! I work at California Historical Society and was speaking to the brewer from Federation at their new taproom in Oakland and he suggested I email you about our Vintage, beer, wine, and spirits labels exhibition open through April 23. I would love to share more information with you!

  16. Patty Pforte says:

    I work at California Historical Society and was speaking to the brewer from Federation at their new taproom in Oakland and he suggested I email you about our Vintage, beer, wine, and spirits labels exhibition open through April 23. I would love to share more information with you!

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