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On not drinking beer at SF Beer Week

If your beer blog post does not contain any beer, is it still a beer blog? An existential question of our time. Regardless, I am here to report on my unique experience of attending the SF Beer Week opening gala … Continue reading

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Beer, equality, and a lot of rainbows

Yesterday was a good day for Americans who are not homophobes. I’m only 40, but that’s old enough to look at companies officially celebrating gay rights and think “times have changed” (for the better, of course). Yeah, you could get … Continue reading

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State of the blog 2015

For a blog called “East Bay Beer,” I’ve certainly done nothing but write about Belgium lately. Sorry. There are a lot of things going on these days. Breweries and bars are opening too fast for me to keep up. I … Continue reading

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SFBW 2014 gala: in pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s probably a good thing because my camera contains the greater part of my beer list from Friday’s gala once I became too lazy/inebriated to take useful notes, instead resorting to pointing … Continue reading

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SF Photo Sunday: Southern Pacific Brewing

A Saturday evening winds up Mission-side at Southern Pacific Brewing. SoPac’s been open a shade longer than a year and a half and the mostly West Coast-styled beer lineup (as well occasional barrel-aged releases and a nice interpretation of a … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Shotwells

Typical scene for this (underrated) Mission District beer bar on a weekend evening. Good tap and bottle selection, knowledgeable barkeeps, never too crowded but definitely not dead. The off-the-main-thoroughfare corner location always reminds me of my favorite low-key Chicago haunts … Continue reading

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Photo Sunday: Ein Dunkles, bitte!

Munich Dunkel on the boil at Rick and Jen’s. It’s a fairly under-represented style that I’d love to see more of in the Bay Area. In the meantime, might as well brew our own…

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Memorial Day weekend events

I think we can respect the somber origins of Memorial Day while still savoring what is for many a three-day weekend. (From those of us in the service industry: you’re welcome). Here are the beer events I know of this … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon Picture Show: It Begins

And so it was that at the stroke of 6 last night (or 5, depending), SF Beer Week 2013 began in earnest with the Opening Celebration at the Concourse. It was, of course, an excellent, beery time, and despite a … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Yesterday’s East Bay Beer

Jen’s been doing a considerable amount of historical digging for an upcoming special feature on Oakland and Berkeley’s pre-Prohibition breweries. Last Saturday I trekked with her through the East Bay, camera in hand, as we visited the places where these … Continue reading

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