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You should be drinking more Marin Brewing

In today’s beer landscape, where a homebrewer with a dream opens a brewery every 10 minutes, it’s easy to forget the classics. Like the perpetually award-winning but somehow still underrated Marin Brewing Company. I’m guessing many Bay Area beer fans … Continue reading

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The best beer thing I did all year

Let’s just get this out of the way: 2016 sucked, my blog sucked, I sucked. I have reason to believe at least my blog and I can suck less next year. No promises about 2017 in general, but dammit this … Continue reading

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Made in Richmond: Benoit Casper Brewing

It’s not easy being a beer nerd in Richmond, a city of approximately 100,000 residents and exactly one bar that rotates its taps. That may change soon, and Benoit Casper Brewing Company — Richmond’s first brewery in the modern era — … Continue reading

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Road trip: HenHouse Brewing’s Santa Rosa taproom

HenHouse Brewing has officially moved out of Petaluma and opened its new brewery and taproom in South Santa Rosa. I got invited to the soft opening, and needed no further persuasion to hop in the car and check it out. … Continue reading

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Coming soon to Walnut Creek: Farm Creek Brewing Company

Picture what a craft brewery tasting room in upscale Walnut Creek would probably look like. Now picture the tech guy/homebrewer who’s opening it. No offense, but you’re probably wrong on both counts. Farm Creek Brewing founder Randy Janinda isn’t your … Continue reading

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Beer class of ’14: Hoi Polloi

South Berkeley has long had some fun drinking options: Irish pub and music venue the Starry Plough and neighborhood karaoke bar Nick’s Lounge spring to mind. And the beer at those places, because we live in Northern California, is better … Continue reading

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Road Trip: Berryessa Brewing

For a beer blogger, I’ve been kind of a shut-in for the past few weeks um months er two years. When I do get out into beers bars I don’t work at, one of the breweries I’ve been consistently enjoying is Berryessa Brewing. … Continue reading

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The year Ale Industries changed everything

When I arrived at Ale Industries’ new Oakland brewery space last week, owners Morgan Cox and Stephen Lopas were red-faced and squatting in the brewing area. Though we hadn’t set a specific time for my visit, I arrived at a … Continue reading

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Rant: And the award for “worst beer label” goes to…

I don’t normally use my platform here to shit-talk local breweries to, you know, all 8 of my loyal readers. But every once in a while I see something that riles me up to the point where I have to … Continue reading

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Imagine a brewery here. Part 2: West Oakland

Part 1: East Oakland West Oakland is a charged topic right now, and this is not the place for debating it. I simply don’t know enough to have an opinion worth hearing. It’s complicated, and all I know for sure … Continue reading

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