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Booze labels from the Wayback Machine

I know I’m not the only beer person who also digs local history. Thus, I can’t be the only one who’d enjoy the California Historical Society‘s Vintage Beer, Wine, & Spirits Labels exhibition. The exhibition opened in December, but I live … Continue reading

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Farewell, Speakeasy

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, one of San Francisco’s first post-prohibition breweries, has “ceased operations indefinitely.” I’m sad to see it go. I feel for the people who worked there. I’ve drank a lot of Speakeasy at a lot of bars, and … Continue reading

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On not drinking beer at SF Beer Week

If your beer blog post does not contain any beer, is it still a beer blog? An existential question of our time. Regardless, I am here to report on my unique experience of attending the SF Beer Week opening gala … Continue reading

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I love you, Lucky 13, don’t ever change

For some reason — surely having nothing to do with the increasingly turbulent and pre-apocalyptic geopolitical climate — I’ve been spending more time than usual in bars this month. And it occurs to me: while I enjoy things called “taprooms” … Continue reading

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You should be drinking more Marin Brewing

In today’s beer landscape, where a homebrewer with a dream opens a brewery every 10 minutes, it’s easy to forget the classics. Like the perpetually award-winning but somehow still underrated Marin Brewing Company. I’m guessing many Bay Area beer fans … Continue reading

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The best beer thing I did all year

Let’s just get this out of the way: 2016 sucked, my blog sucked, I sucked. I have reason to believe at least my blog and I can suck less next year. No promises about 2017 in general, but dammit this … Continue reading

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Made in Richmond: Benoit Casper Brewing

It’s not easy being a beer nerd in Richmond, a city of approximately 100,000 residents and exactly one bar that rotates its taps. That may change soon, and Benoit Casper Brewing Company — Richmond’s first brewery in the modern era — … Continue reading

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Remembering Lee Shephard

Lee Shephard died on June 10 after an unfair struggle with a rare, aggressive neuroendocrine cancer. We in the beer community knew him as an award-winning homebrewer, master BJCP judge, festival organizer, volunteer wrangler, podcast co-host, drinking buddy, teacher, mentor, and … Continue reading

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CommonWealth Cafe & Pub to change hands

Some people open a bar or restaurant, hire a general manager, and walk away. Others are so much a part of the business it’s hard to picture it without them. Ross and Ahna Adair, who founded CommonWealth in 2010 with … Continue reading

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Road trip: HenHouse Brewing’s Santa Rosa taproom

HenHouse Brewing has officially moved out of Petaluma and opened its new brewery and taproom in South Santa Rosa. I got invited to the soft opening, and needed no further persuasion to hop in the car and check it out. … Continue reading

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