Bobby G’s has been sold

Just when we’ve gotten used to Perdition being closed, there’s another (more subtle, we hope) change coming to the beer spots of downtown Berkeley. Bobby G’s Pizzeria has been sold.

Owner Robert Gaustad explained on the Bobby G’s Facebook page:

“So, with all the rumors flying around about the sale of Bobby G’s Pizzeria, I’ll try to clarify some things.My partner, Heather Kratt, and I, are indeed selling the restaurant and we are currently in escrow. The close of sale should happen sometime between a month and six weeks. I will be here throughout that time, every day as usual, and then I’ll be around for a time after we close to consult if need be.

“We found a buyer who wants to keep the same name and concept of the restaurant and, in fact, wanted to buy it because we are a popular neighborhood hangout with great beer and pizza. The buyers are two brothers with a background in food, beer, and wine, so that’s a great match for this place. More importantly, they are young and energetic. One plan they have is to extend the hours which people have been asking me to do for years. Probably midnight on weekdays and 1am on weekends.

“The two brothers will start working here in early March so our regular customers and our employees will have ample time to get to know them before the close of the sale. I truly hope all our friends we’ve made over the years, as well as our staff, support these two young men. It’s not easy to step right into a busy restaurant and take it over so they will need as much support as we can give them.

“I, for one, wish them all the success in the world and I hope they carry on the restaurant as Heather and I planned it over nine years ago. We wanted to create a relaxing neighborhood hangout with great food, beer, and wine. And I wanted to make sure we had plenty of sports and music available to our customers. I think we succeeded, and as a result have made many hundreds of good friends over the years.

“My main reason for selling is because I have a number of health problems. I used to be a tough young man and now I’m a semi-broken, semi-old man. Nine years of way too many seven day weeks will take a toll on anybody and it’s certainly done that to me. I am truly going to miss all my friends who have been working here and coming in for years. I’m not planning on leaving town anytime soon so I hope I can meet up with some of you in a relaxed state once I’ve taken some time off to try to heal.

“On one hand I’m very excited for this change, and on the other, I’m sad. I’m only 63 (in a couple of months) and I hope I can hang in for at least another 30 years or so. To do that, I need a long break from work, stress, and anxiety. Frankly, I need a Pliny.”

It remains to be seen, of course, what will actually change under the new ownership, but that’s what’s known so far.

A crowd at Bobby G's a few years ago

A crowd at Bobby G’s a few years ago

Remember when the taplist looked like this?

Remember when the taplist looked like this?

Inescapable... ;)

Inescapable… ;)

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