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Forty more taps coming to downtown Berkeley

It’d be a decent question for a Bay Area beer trivia game: name all the bars Chuck Stilphen owns or co-owns. The Trappist, Mikkeller Bar SF, Trappist Provisions, and ├śL (where I work), right? Get ready for a fifth one. … Continue reading

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SF Beer Week (the little I saw of it)

That’s it. Stick a fork in SF Beer Week. I had some good times and some good beers, and I also worked harder than I have in a long time to serve up beery delights to the masses. I didn’t … Continue reading

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SF Beer Week in Review

SF Beer Week 2014 ended for me Saturday night. SF Water And Health Food Week begins presently. All told, I managed to carve my own little festival out of the huge number of events, and had a damn good bit … Continue reading

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SFBW 2014 gala: in pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s probably a good thing because my camera contains the greater part of my beer list from Friday’s gala once I became too lazy/inebriated to take useful notes, instead resorting to pointing … Continue reading

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It’s SF Beer Week! Hooray/oh shit!

How do we love thee, beer week? Let me count the ways. Or let the organizers count the events, anyway. (Last I heard: 600). Seems like a lot of people are excited, but also worrying about the effect on their … Continue reading

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Rant: And the award for “worst beer label” goes to…

I don’t normally use my platform here to shit-talk local breweries to, you know, all 8 of my loyal readers. But every once in a while I see something that riles me up to the point where I have to … Continue reading

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