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WTF is going on at Lanesplitter?

Someone who gets paid to do this stuff (ie, not me) needs to look into what’s going on at Lanesplitter, where two workers at the Temescal branch walked out in protest last night. I’m going to comment anyway even though … Continue reading

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Drink no evil…but how?

Those who follow me on Twitter might have seen this off-the-cuff 140 characters: For most people, “tastes good” is pretty simple and so is “unethical business practices:” don’t use slave labor, don’t be Enron, don’t kill puppies, etc. You’re reading … Continue reading

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Vanberg & DeWulf kicking it Belgian-style in the Bay next week

You hear about rock star brewers, but rock star importers? If there is such a thing, it’s Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield of Vanberg & DeWulf, and they’ll be on tour in the Bay Area next week. If you discovered … Continue reading

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