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Catching up with Social Kitchen

Social Kitchen & Brewery is one of those places I really should get to more often. It isn’t that far away, public transit takes you almost to the door, and the beer is tasting pretty damn consistently excellent these days. … Continue reading

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Drinking songs: “Beercan” by Beck

“Beercan” is an amusing (if dated) 1994 tune from Beck’s first album, back when he was known more as a Loser than a Scientologist. Much like my own 1994, it has little to do with beer — as much as … Continue reading

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What I loved at SF Beer Week

Writing wrap-ups is tricky, because it can turn into “look what you missed, sucker.” Regardless, I feel like it’s worth highlighting some of my favorite finds from SF Beer Week 2013. Here is a probably-incomplete of beers, venues, and food … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon Picture Show: It Begins

And so it was that at the stroke of 6 last night (or 5, depending), SF Beer Week 2013 began in earnest with the Opening Celebration at the Concourse. It was, of course, an excellent, beery time, and despite a … Continue reading

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Follow Friday: @SFBeerWeek

Twitter is actually a pretty lousy venue for telling someone who to follow on Twitter. In this series, I’ll use way more than 140 characters to point out people making social media not a less of a waste of time. … Continue reading

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How to get free drinks for life (in 1936)

We’ve talked about the goofy rule that prevented alcohol from being served within a mile of UC Berkeley both before and after federal Prohibition. It’s also pretty undeniable that women represented a disproportionate number of Prohibitionist do-gooders. However, at least … Continue reading

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Living the good life at SF Beer Week

If my cheapo guide to SF Beer Week was of no use to you — ie, you are too classy to sneak your own food into beer festivals — rest assured that SFBW also knows how to do it up … Continue reading

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Beer history: Beer Revolution’s first week

I realize this isn’t particularly ancient beer history compared to the pre-Prohibition stuff I’m grooving on lately, but in some ways it does seem very long ago. I remember hearing the murmurs in my homebrew club: there was a place … Continue reading

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SF Beer Week on the cheap

Navigating beer week is tougher when money is tight, because doing everything on Planet Earth is tougher when money is tight, but there is still fun to be had. If you find yourself spending more than you planned every beer … Continue reading

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