Coming to the East Bay in 2013

New beer-forward projects on the horizon as of January 3, 2013. I’ll try to get details on more of these as time goes by. Email to tell me what I’m missing.


  • Faction Brewing, 2501 Monarch Street (next to St. George Spirits). Production brewery with taproom. Projected opening spring 2013. (details)



  • The Rare Barrel, 937 Carleton Street. All-sour brewery that hopes to get approved for retail sales and light food. They hope to have beers ready by the end of the year.


  • Caps & Taps, 6601 Dublin Blvd. Beer shop and taproom, BYO food. Projected opening mid-late January.


  • Altamont Beer Works, 2402 Research Drive. Production brewery with taproom. Has had a few low-key events but official opening is any day now. (details)


  • Ale Industries, currently based in Concord, is in negotiations to move its brewery and taproom to Jack London Square near Chop Bar and Blue Bottle. They hope to be brewing by late spring and use some of the extra space for more sours.
  • Brotzeit Lokal, 1000 Embarcadero at 10th. German-influenced beer bar with food. Opening spring. (more from East Bay Express)
  • Diving Dog Brewhouse, 1802 Telegraph Ave. Beer bar, bottle shop, and brew-on-premises (basically brewing your own beer, with help, and without having to purchase homebrew equipment). Opening sometime in March.
  • The Forge, 66 Franklin Street, Jack London Square. Serious pizza and “over 20 artisan beers,” says Eater SF. Opening “winter.”
  • Hog’s Apothecary, 375 40th Street. Beer bar and sausage grill. Tentatively opening in February.
  • Linden Street Brewery will have a restaurant in the brewery at some point. Not much to report yet but the team hopes to start construction soon. Details to follow.
  • Lost & Found, 2040 Telegraph Ave.  Beer bar with outdoor seating and “quick bites and barbecue.” Opening in the spring.
  • Old Depot Public House, 486 Third Street. Beer bar and vegan foodery next door to and closely related to Beer Revolution.
  • Rosamunde, 911 Washington. Beer bar and sausage grill. Grand opening January 9, 5pm. (details)
  • There is at least one other Oakland project in the works from known Bay Area beer people that I can’t talk about yet. There will be pizza and beer.

San Ramon

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7 Responses to Coming to the East Bay in 2013

  1. John Heylin says:

    Don’t forget a pizza and brewery in Jack London near their farmers market.

    • Jen Muehlbauer says:

      Forge, right? Their website just says “pizza and beer,” which could mean anything. I should add it anyway I s’pose, thanks for the reminder it exists.

  2. Mike Sue says:

    Schubros in San Ramon is definitely worth checking out. They’ve got some tasty brews and I like the food pairing ideas they give on their bottles. Good stuff.

  3. CF says:

    Please bring one of these OAK beer projects to North Oakland. We need more gathering places off San Pablo!

    • Jen Muehlbauer says:

      Totally agree. Actual Cafe has good beer but it’s otherwise slim pickins as far as I know.

    • PT says:

      I definitely agree; it’d be nice to have somewhere with a decent tap list in North Oakland. Trappist Provisions just opened up in Rockridge, but that’s some distance from the San Pablo end of North Oakland. They also don’t exactly have San Pablo prices either.

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