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Berkeley’s premature Prohibition

It was a different Berkeley then. Flip through newspaper articles from 100 years ago and you’ll see. Stray dogs roaming the streets. Gypsy camps throwing all-night parties. Yet divorces made the paper (scandal!) and you could be arrested for riding … Continue reading

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Drinking songs: “Beer” by Reel Big Fish

The tune that kicks off this occasional series was inspired by the current issue of Beer Magazine. I’ve picked up Beer a few times before, in situations when there were free promo piles of it lying around, and didn’t love … Continue reading

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It’s collaboration season at Drake’s

I hope Drake’s lead brewer’s resolutions list included “do some collaboration brews in 2013,” because if so she can already cross it off the list. Drake’s started the year off right by brewing a beer with Stone that will debut … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Yesterday’s East Bay Beer

Jen’s been doing a considerable amount of historical digging for an upcoming special feature on Oakland and Berkeley’s pre-Prohibition breweries. Last Saturday I trekked with her through the East Bay, camera in hand, as we visited the places where these … Continue reading

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The Rare Barrel: all sour, all the time

I’m generally against hyping up breweries whose beers I haven’t tasted yet, but how can you not be excited about an upcoming all-sour start-up in the Bay Area? Impossible. The Rare Barrel is setting up shop at 937 Carleton Street … Continue reading

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The rise, fall, and re-rise of New Albion Brewery

Only adventurous beer drinkers living in the Bay Area 30 to 35 years ago got to sample the wares of America’s first modern microbrwery. However, thanks to Boston Beer Company — yes, the makers of Sam Adams Lager — New … Continue reading

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Iron Springs eternal

Iron Springs. You drink beer in the Bay Area, so you know them. Chances are you like them — everyone seems to. Yet, unless you live in or around Fairfax, you likely take them for granted — everyone seems to … Continue reading

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Coming to the East Bay in 2013

New beer-forward projects on the horizon as of January 3, 2013. I’ll try to get details on more of these as time goes by. Email to tell me what I’m missing. Alameda Faction Brewing, 2501 Monarch Street (next to … Continue reading

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Photo Wednesday: Happy New Year

It’s not quite Friday yet, but an early post is called for. Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve (if not the next day). As for us, we made our way to Triple Rock to kick 2012 out … Continue reading

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